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October 25, 2017

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Meet the Panelist: Arlene Major

November 28, 2017

STMS: What do you do for a living?


Arlene: Though I do not like to talk about what it is I do because of the situation in today’s society.  I work for the State of Maryland in Law Enforcement.  Though I do not carry a gun and badge, my position still leaves me vulnerable to the “crazy” that is happening today.  I will say this, I love what I do for a living and would not change it for the world


STMS: Why were you inspired to write your first book?


Arlene: Truthfully, I was content sitting on it and telling myself that it was okay if no one read my view.  My family is the one who pushed me to to it and told me to never be afraid. My cousin and my best friend encouraged me and told me that it would be foolish of me to continue to hide what someone may need to hear and could help


STMS: What struggles have you overcome in life?


Arlene: I have learned how to forgive and I had to learn that by letting go of many things.  One of those was the victim mentality.  The weight of not forgiving others, topped with continual victimization of myself (self esteem, love life, work life, family and more) and my life was not something I wanted to do any more.




STMS: What causes do you support?


Arlene: I support anything that lifts up our youth.  I also believe in women’s empowerment.  My biggest support is in the fight against domestic violence.  As a survivor myself it is important that I tell my story and encourage others to see that the stereotype that is constantly fed to us about this stigma and the people, laws and other organizations that deal with it need to raise our voices louder and get the help where the help is sorely needed.


STMS: What current projects or events should people be watching for from you?


Arlene: Currently I am in the planning stages for my 4th annual domestic violence awareness event called 50 Shades of Blue Baltimore.  I have several agencies and organizations that are looking to work with me to bring more awareness.  I am also working on monthly talk groups and talking up a partner deal with 108 Organization founder Troy Jones.  My radio show is definitely moving right along and I hope to release another book next year to carry on my story and that of my support in the fight against domestic violence.  


STMS: How many books have you written, are you in the process of writing another?


Arlene: I have written two on my own; a poetry book , Vibe in Blue and my personal memoir, Lady BluePrint.  I have co authored  books  with L.H. Owens from Australia, Teresa Hawley Howard of Texas and Melony Hill right here in Baltimore.


STMS: What are your goals for 2018?


Arlene: I intend to launch a non-profit . I am currently gathering items to apply for my 501 C3 status.  I am looking forward to hopefully traveling to some speaking events next year and taking Lady Blue to other parts of the world.  I also plan on getting my trademark and copyright in 2018 as well.  I am currently seeking management and a show sidekick that can keep up with me.


STMS: Do you have any products or services for sale other than your books?


Arlene: I have tote bags, t shirts and pencils.  I am working on other ideas that reflect Lady Blue and 50 Shades of Blue Baltimore.



Catch Arlene on the Lady Blue Radio Show​ LIVE every Thursdays from 9-11 a.m.on


Arlene Major will be joining us on the panel of the Strength Over Adversity Panel Discussion December 9th. Grab your ticket today. 


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