Meet the Panelist: Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston

STMS: What do you do for a living?

Suga Ray: Since I released my book, I’ve been fully committed to earning a living off book sales and other services I offer.

STMS: Why were you inspired to write your first book?

Suga Ray: As the time was approaching for my daughter Usha to enter this physical realm, I kept thinking to myself, “What is my message to and for her? What is my legacy now? What will it be when I leave here?”. A very specific message for my daughter came through and I wanted to share that message with the world. I realized that not many people write their messages for their children and even fewer people actually share those messages publicly. I made the commitment to put my messages to my daughter in a book and share it as much and as far as humanly possible.

STMS: What struggles have you overcome in life?

Suga Ray: Damn! As I reflect on it, like many of us, I’ve overcome a lot. Since a youth I dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. In the Fall of 2003, I sat on my sister’s floor, with a freakin gun to my head. I was high. I was drunk. I was crying uncontrollably. I really, really wanted to kill myself. I’m glad I didn’t. Along with overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts, I overcame the need to please everyone.

STMS: What causes do you support?

Suga Ray: I’m 100% committed to ending mass incarceration, increasing peace in the streets, helping people live healthier lives and improving the overall quality of life in communities with residents that look like me.

STMS: What current projects or events should people be watching for from you?

Suga Ray: The 1st big event I’m part of since the release of my book is the Strength Over Adversity: Nonfiction Author’s Panel Discussion in Baltimore on December 9th. Aside from that, I’m working on a book about my battle with depression and my Autobiography, which I’m looking to release in March of 2018.

STMS: How many books have you written, are you in the process of writing another?

Suga Ray: “Dear Usha: Messages To My First Born” is the second book I’ve written. I’m currently in the process of writing three more books which I intend to release early 2018.

STMS: What are your goals for 2018?

Suga Ray: I would love to publish at least 6 books in 2018! Also, I am writing my first stage play and short film, both of which I am looking to produce late Spring, early Summer of 2018.

STMS: Do you have any products or services for sale other than your books?

Suga Ray: Pertaining to writing, I offer editing, proofreading, story development services. I also offer grief support and mentoring services.

Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston will be joining us on the panel of the Strength Over Adversity Panel Discussion December 9th. Grab your ticket today.

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